My Media Connect®

is the most advanced brand asset

management tool around


1º Projects management.


2º Lower risks in the Brand application.


3º Advanced search from Brand asset.


4º Cost reduction and Time to Market

What benefits does a brand management system offer?

MMC® provides a secure collaborative environment for brand development and management. Our Cloud solutions enable companies to improve product development processes by improving management across all projects. This primarily enhances searches for all brand assets: logos, brand manual, guidelines, videos, audio, images, and all other graphic communication elements.

Have you ever thought about…

  • Whether you need a system that allows you to centrally manage your brand assets, and manage project graphics and Brand Packaging and Communications operations?

  • The fact that you’re tired of mistakes, spam, task duplication, losing or constantly searching for material you can’t find, long and tedious processes and the feeling that you’re losing control over your brand assets?

  • Why your digital information is scattered all over the place and not available to all the relevant people both internally and externally?

  • Why you feel like you’re always being asked for graphic material that people should already have?

  • Saving time and improving efficiency in the management of brand-related graphic projects, whether it’s packaging or communication?

  • Putting an end to messy brand asset management once and for all?

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MMC® gives you:

  • Asset management: secure information
    Hundreds of previous notes on products are stored and shared securely following a strict role-based policy, which guarantees content integrity.

  • Fully configurable workflow models:
    Users can configure workflows, simply and accurately by assigning workflows to multiple projects, and automatically calculate task timelines.

  • Effective planning and coordination:
    Staff involved in a project have access to detailed calendars linked to notifications and task deadlines. Task progress and timelines can be monitored and updated.

  • Project overview and monitoring:
    Control panels all you to track progress for global or category-specific projects. Task breakdown for each project identifies and quickly and proactively solves any delays or bottlenecks.

  • Multiproduct project coordination:
    One project may feature several product categories. This solution manages all task interdependencies.

  • Cost control: for the management of specifications
    Validated documents are available to all staff involved, which reduces the risk of discrepancies and any related costs.

  • Productivity: increased efficiency
    Centralise all documents related to each product in order to ensure products meet brand standards. This allows one team to manage more products.

  • Time to Market: significantly reduced
    Collaborating more efficiently and quickly, from interactions to validation, reviewing and final approval, means shorter delivery times which allows you to get to market faster.

MMC® modules:

Data Connection®

Project Creation®

Work Correction®

Flow Creation®

At Little Buddha Brand Design, we give you a unique combination of IT and Marketing expertise to provide you with the best possible service.

What sets us apart?

The prior analysis and appraisal of requirements that we perform during our Audits, which are targeted and carried out by a multidisciplinary team of IT and Marketing experts who use their vision and expertise in project management and creation to offer a unique product called MMC®.


A project involves both internal and external multidisciplinary teams. This can lead to problems and difficulties in projects and processes that can cause setbacks in product launches and reduce team efficiency. Planning projects is of the utmost importance and it is essential that all staff is able to act at the right time and in the right place. In short, using MMC® is your solution.