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What are workflows?

A workflow is the sequence of activities that are performed in a process until it is finalized, either in a large project or a minor task within it. All the steps that are taken from the beginning to the end of each activity are essential to achieve your final goal. That’s why organization and work efficiency are major. 

There are many examples of workflows where we can see how important it is to optimize them. One of them is the packaging process: someone has an idea, and it’s approved, modified or reflected. When the design is approved, the next step is to manufacture it; then comes the packaging development, where you have to take care of the wrapping, labeling, etc. We can see that during this process different people and different departments, such as design or production, participate. And, to know at what point in the process you are will be the key for everything to move forward properly.

With MyMediaConnect’s workflow software, the departments of a company, such as regulatory, supply or the Artwork Technical Department, among others, will be able to approve or reject the task that corresponds to them depending on the work to be performed. This task can be performed in parallel or sequentially depending on how the workflow is defined, which will considerably improve the workflows of the project you are developing in your company.

Workflow software

At MyMediaConnect we want you to be able to manage each phase of your project in the best possible way, that’s why we have the best workflow management system for controlling the graphic chain, which will help you manage tasks and improve the collaboration of your team. Put aside possible mistakes and let each person know what he or she has to do at all times. You will save money and, above all, time.

What type of workflows are?

The main advantage of our platform over others is that it offers the possibility of transferring the workflows already existing in a company to the platform itself. This feature greatly facilitates the processes, since it is the platform that adapts to the company, and not so much the other way around, which eliminates the difficulties that could arise if it were the other way around. MyMediaConnect’s workflow tool has the ability to transfer flows of all kinds, whether they are manual or excel, for example, and even to program whatever is necessary for a given project.

With this in mind, we can find different types of workflows, which are distinguished according to their degree of complexity. In any case, the platform will have an essential role so that all the steps of the process are carried out properly and avoiding errors that can give a negative result. These are the main types of workflows:

1. Simple workflows

In the lowest degree of complexity, we find the simple workflows. These refer to small concrete actions within the project you are doing as a company. An example of a simple workflow is a small change in a final artwork.

2. Complex workflows

This type of workflow encompasses certain activities that are of great importance within the development of a project. It does not focus on a single activity, but rather on a set of activities, which is why they are called complex workflows. One of them can be the steps to be taken within an innovation project to launch a new product. 

Ultimately, our customized workflow software will help you improve your business process, both in the creation and changes in products, managing the entire graphic process.

How to create online workflows with MyMediaConnect software?

Thanks to a previous audit with the company, we delimit which are the most common workflow typologies in the company. There can be 5, 10 or 20 flows depending on the company, and range from simple but repetitive flows (for example, changing an element in the final artwork of a product), but can also be complex such as new launches, redesign of current ranges,etc. 

Once the flows have been standardized, for each new project, the relevant flow and the people who will be involved in that flow are chosen, and the platform automatically assigns the total project times and the team’s available times, previously agreed upon. It’s as simple as that.

Types of workflows

Benefits of improving the workflow of a company

In conclusion, managing a company’s workflow is essential for the result to be what we expect. Many people can work on a project, each with different tasks assigned to them, and if one of them fails, everything else cannot be carried out properly. Therefore, a platform that offers you the possibility to organize and coordinate your team is the ideal solution to avoid certain mistakes. These are some advantages of using MyMediaConnect’s powerful custom workflow engine:

Workflow management software

By reducing mistakes, you will consequently improve your time-to-market, which will make your company much more productive. And you can achieve this by using our online  workflow management software. Digitize your processes, keep your team organized, keep track of all activities and their status and be sure that you have everything under control.

Customize and adjust the workflows to your needs.
Facilitate the development and management of workflows for the administrator.
Define the workload for your team.
Preset assignments to each person.
Check the status of each task to optimize these workflows.
Improve your time-to-market.

See yourself how MyMediaConnect
can make complex simple.

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