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What is project traceability?

When we talk about traceability, we refer to the set of procedures through which we can follow the evolution of a project at each stage it goes through. Therefore, we can say that the traceability of a project is an essential aspect in any process, since it allows us to have a vision of what is happening, both in general and in each specific activity.

An example of traceability in packaging would be the procedures that allow us to know its history, in which phase of the chain it is (design, production, labeling, …), what is the next step to be taken, and everything related to each specific task. In order to have everything registered and to be able to follow up, a traceability table is used.

Project traceability

Traceability matrix in project management

The traceability matrix of a project is a table that allows you to relate the requirements of your project with the objectives to be achieved, indicating the tasks to be performed to achieve them. Thus, before starting each project, each specific requirement is recorded so that you can later check if they are being met.

This tool, also called requirements or requirements traceability table, allows you, therefore, to have a planning of your work, key in achieving your goals. Without proper planning, it will be difficult to achieve success. Especially in projects with many requirements.

Thanks to project traceability software, you will be able to align requirements and objectives, identifying when a goal is achieved by each requirement. This table will make it easy for you to see which requirements deliver the best results and which ones delay projects. Identifying where the problem lies will be key to knowing where to put your efforts. Solving these aspects will, among other things, reduce the time-to-market of your projects.

An example of a project requirements traceability matrix could be the following:

  • An identification column, indicating who has to do the task.
  • Another column describing the requirement: 
  • The current status of the requirement, where it is indicated whether it is requested or not.
  • The type of requirement: functional or non-functional.
  • Last date on which it was registered.
  • Etc.

Project traceability allows tracking the stages and scope, to see where a change is needed and to evaluate the result of each requirement and the modifications made. Essential aspects to see if we are on the right track to achieve our goals.

How is MyMediaConnect's project traceability done?

With MyMediaConnect you can manage project traceability in two different ways:

1. Real-time traceability of a project

Get to know at all times what projects are active, updated completion time, current task at that time and status of the same in terms of responsibility and time. This allows it to act instantly in case of delay or other situation.

2. Traceability at the end of a project

Allows to know the deviation in time of a project, why it has occurred. It also allows for a set of projects in a given period, even having it parameterized as the Audit Trail, so relevant in industries such as pharmaceuticals.


Benefits of project traceability

When you are carrying out a project, it is essential to be clear about what is happening in the different stages of the process. This way, among other things, you can prevent or correct errors at the right time or know who is responsible for each task. You can do all this with MyMediaConnect. These are some benefits of project traceability software:

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If you also want to have visibility over all your company’s projects and take advantage of the benefits of BPM software, the platform is your solution. In a few simple steps, you will be able to access all the information you need to successfully carry out your projects.

Get an overview of the status of all your projects.
Have an individual view of each of them.
Have the ability to check what is happening in each of its stages.
Have access to assigned tasks.
Check the deadlines of each task.

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