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How MyMediaConnect can help you in your complex projects

Project management is not a simple task, and even less if it is a complex project, in which a good organization is necessary for everything to develop successfully. The person in charge of controlling all the processes has a great responsibility, but there are tools that will facilitate their work, as is the case of MyMediaConnect.

First, we have to take into account that this type of project encompasses numerous activities; they do not focus on just one. Therefore, the main advantage of a complex project platform like ours is that it helps you to plan and control all those important tasks throughout the development of a project.

An example of a complex project might be the set of phases that must be followed to launch a new product on the market. This is a process involving several people and departments, working with different files (PDF documents, graphic and audiovisual materials, etc.), and in which a series of processes need to be fulfilled for the project to progress correctly.

Planning, collaboration between team members or the fulfillment of tasks and the established time are key aspects, therefore, being able to have everything centralized on the same platform, which can be accessed at any time and from anywhere, will greatly facilitate your work.

This is possible with BPM software, as it enables complex project management, and you can digitize your processes and make them accessible to your team and collaborators.

Types de flux de travail

Continuing with the examples of complex projects, think of a company that sells chocolate bars and then decides to launch a new product, such as a milkshake or cookies containing chocolate. Unlike simple projects, which have a lower degree of difficulty, complex innovation projects like this one require greater organization, collaboration and complex project management.

In these cases, many tasks cannot be carried out until the previous one is completed. With the MyMediaConnect platform you can keep track of the actions to be performed, who is responsible, what phase or status they are in and when it is your turn to work on the documents. Undoubtedly, software for complex projects will be very beneficial for your company and its growth.

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