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What is project management?

Project management is the set of actions that are carried out to achieve the established objectives; from the beginning of the project until its completion. Among other factors, organization, resource planning and team motivation are key to a successful outcome.

The person in charge of managing a project has the responsibility of supervising that everything goes well, something that can be more complicated if you do not have adequate project control and monitoring functionalities. Today, there is no better way to organize projects, assets and people through a single digital ecosystem.

With MyMediaConnect’s advanced BPM (Business Process Management) software you can digitize a graphic management process, i.e. a process of organization and verification of a graphic project, from design to document verification and delivery and graphic file management through the brand asset manager, centralizing all your resources in one place. This is one of the great advantages of a process management software, since, in this way, all the people involved will have access to everything they need to carry out their task.

How to manage simple projects with MyMediaConnect

Also, with MyMediaConnect, the person in charge of managing projects online can check the status of each task, who is responsible for it and the corresponding deadlines. And all in a platform that is easy to use, secure, collaborative and with which you can share digital files in an unlimited way.

With MyMediaConnect’s project software, you can also manage access and usage rights to content. As an administrator you can define groups of people and select the different permissions and rights you want them to have. Depending on the level of access they have, they will be able to access some functionalities or others. 

How does MyMediaConnect project management software operate?

MyMediaConnect, by operating in a cloud environment, has all the advantages of access to this type of environment, allowing you to work on it from any screen, from any location and at any time.

The platform can be accessed by all those people in the company (or company suppliers) that are considered appropriate. Each person entitled to access the platform has a unique access and space within it, with those restrictions to information/brands, etc. that have been delimited by the company. 

Its use is very intuitive, allowing access to information, tasks, task tracking or status reports.  Managing projects in the graphic chain has never been as easy as with MyMediaConnect.

Benefits of managing your projects

MyMediaConnect’s project and process management software is all you need to achieve success in managing your graphic projects. Manage your projects and processes efficiently, automating your workflows and eliminating unnecessary bottlenecks. Monitoring each stage and making the right decisions at the right time will help you achieve your goals, and now you can do it more easily with this powerful and professional project management platform. Check out some of its advantages:

best project management software
Streamline your projects
Bring all relevant stakeholders together
Facilitate dialogue between the people involved in your projects
Make visible each task and its status
Show deadlines for accomplishing tasks
Make sure that it is known who is responsible for each task

Having a professional project management software will allow you to organize both the assets of your brand and all the people who are part of the processes you are carrying out in your company. It is a very useful platform, with which you will notice an improvement in your workflows, you will save time and, therefore, you will be more efficient. If you want your projects to get the results you expect, get MyMediaConnect Platform.

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