MyMediaConnect Online Soft Proofing Module

Plataforma para Ciclos de Aprobación en línea

What is soft proofing, and what is it for?

Soft proofing, also known as virtual proofing, is the option that allows you to preview the result of a print. In other words , if you wish, in the step prior to the completion of the process, you can verify that your design meets the technical specifications for a correct printing.

And how is this achieved? Well, as you can imagine, thanks to our native MyMediaConnect PDF document management engine, our soft proofing functionality will offer you tools where you can calibrate, profile, review and approve your documents.

Digital Asset Management

Thanks to its functionality, which aims to make multi-departmental parallel approval cycles, it allows you to verify how the document is made, see the Pantone used, measure dimensions, verify color percentages, see overprints, verify color density and, mainly, make online comparisons between the different PDFs that have been uploaded to the system.

In this way, our online soft proofing system automatically analyzes and verifies what changes have occurred in the PDF, thus optimizing the validation and correction time in a substantial way.

1. Save money and time

The biggest advantage of soft proofing is that it saves you time and money, since you can see the result before printing it. You can see errors without wasting ink and paper, and without wasting time printing, correcting and reprinting. 

Our platform improves multi-department approval cycles and allows each department to verify a part of the document, where the information that corresponds to it is located. And all this simultaneously, which will save you time wasted.  For example, Regulatory, Technical, Supply and Artwork departments will be able to analyze and verify their part of the document from our platform.

2. From anywhere

On the other hand, as in most processes that can be digitized, one of the great benefits of soft proofing is that you can work on it from anywhere in the world. In this way, you can preview the documents that will be used for reprography  prior to printing without having to be near the printer or without having to send your project to print numerous times. 

And, best of all, everyone involved in the process can have access to the digitized documents from anywhere and at any time. This allows for greater organization and control over your brand’s digital assets.

How is the MyMediaConnect software used for soft proofing? ?

The soft proofing software can be used within an existing workflow, to compare the last two versions, to check that the changes are the ones requested and not others, and thus avoid errors that can be costly in terms of resources (money, time,…) and to be clear about the technical characteristics of a document (EAN, Pantone, etc.).

We have also incorporated the possibility of using the soft proofing module outside a workflow, only for the punctual need to make a comparison of two versions of the same graphic document.

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Benefits of MyMediaConnect’s Online Soft Proofing

Having a BPM software in your company allows you to centralize all your tasks, improve the organization among all the people involved in your projects and, consequently, reduce time to market and be much more efficient. In the Online Soft Proofing section of MyMediaConnect these are some functions you can perform:

Herramientas online de aprobación y feedback

As you can see, there are many benefits of using soft proofing software. If you also want to make a quality leap in your projects, saving money and time, as well as eliminating possible errors that may hinder your work, just contact us and join MyMediaConnect.

Use annotations and comments to collaborate on content.
Create a list of validation criteria to ensure the desired result.
Automatically display differences between two PDF versions.
Measure print point density and distances.
Check the barcode.
See if it matches the text that appears on the layout.
See if there is correct ink separation.

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