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Plataforma para Ciclos de Aprobación en línea

What are online approval cycles?

The approval cycle is an essential procedure in any project, since approvals are essential to continue to the next stage of the process. Many times the authorization of the responsible person is needed, for example for the approval of a project stage or to send a document subject to supervision.

The person in charge of controlling this process is the administrator, and sometimes several people are involved. To understand it better, let’s see how an approval cycle works. For example, a person makes a request for approval, which reaches the person responsible for performing that action. This person receives a notification to review it and subsequently approve it – or not. 

Only once approved by the participant(s) the cycle can continue with the next task following the action performed, the next task can be an approval task or another type of parallel multi-departmental or departmental task, this depends on the workflow created.

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The person in charge of controlling the so-called approval requirements of each stage or task, can approve, reject, edit or request a modification of the corresponding task or document. And, as you can see, this is something that requires organization to avoid confusion or delays.

This is where approval workflow software plays an essential role, as it allows you to centralize and automate processes. You will receive automatic notifications when necessary, and in a single email. So they don’t get lost among hundreds of messages or arrive on one side. This way, you will only have to approve it and the next person will receive the notification. Everything will be much faster, and you will eliminate bottlenecks that prevent you from advancing properly in your projects.

How are MyMediaConnect online approval cycles incorporated?

Approval cycles are incorporated into standardized workflows agreed with the client, to delineate which people will validate the document and at what point(s) a task will need to be incorporated in the form of an approval cycle. 

The approval cycle requires the approval of all decision makers in order to move forward with the workflow, or to move backwards in the workflow until full approval is obtained from the entire team involved, and then continue with the rest of the workflow.

The benefits of online approval cycles

Many times, in the course of a project, there are certain situations that slow down the work. Either because of failures in some stages of the process, delays in deliveries or misunderstandings between the people involved in it. If you are tired of this happening to you, pay attention to how this task can help you within a workflow and online approval cycles software:

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Once you try the advantages of this task within the workflows for online approval cycles, you will not want to stop using it. Centralizing everything in one platform will make it easier for you to perform timely approvals and reviews, avoiding delays or misunderstandings. As a result, you’ll avoid unnecessary setbacks and wasted time. Move your projects forward efficiently with MyMediaConnect’s online approval cycle software.

Avoid unnecessary bottlenecks
Eliminate revisions and approvals outside your email
Accelerate your approval cycles
Reduce your time-to-market
Use email only to receive automatic notifications whenever you need to take an action
Avoid endless emails to approve every step of your projects

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