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Due to the current situation, it has been essential for for the market, customers, suppliers … and competition to be digitalized. The way brands manage and control their assets will determine their future in the market. Brands need to improve their communication among departments, suppliers and even customers, in an intuitive and accessible way.

If you have not yet implemented a system to digitize and manage your brand assets, here are some reasons why a system of this type is key to your success at the business level:

1) Maintain consistency and avoids the dispersion of brand assets, especially as the number of your team, communication channels, customers, suppliers and affiliates increase.

2) Increase productivity by standardizing work processes (workflows). Since delays and errors in the processes are produced by the lack of communication between people, departments, suppliers, etc.

3) Work processes are made more flexible and transparent, thanks to intra or interdepartmental approval cycles. This allows to progress in all stages of a project and know its current status.

4) The security and stability of the system is key. In order to avoid falls in the work processes and attacks that can be made against it, from the outside. Provide Safe Asset Allocation

Do you already think that you should implement all these improvements to your work processes? Do you want to take a step forward in the management of your brand assets? If you feel identified with it, you have to know MyMediaConnect.

What is MyMediaConnect?

MyMediaConnect is a software that LittleBuddha Brand Design has developed with an aim: to Provide technological solutions to all those companies that need to digitize their operational marketing management processes.

Mymediaconnect is the most advanced system, positioning itself as the leading solution, thanks to the full potential of its four productive engines:

1.- MMC Data Connection

  • Connection to MIS / ERP and other databases or systems
  • Generation and reading of XML or JDF
  • Compatible with all SQL databases
  • Data connection services
  • Data manipulation, such as XSLT translation (XML processing)
  • Easy to integrate into existing web portals with its complete integration API.


2.- MMC Project Creation

  • Graphic presentation of the projects in a user interface.
  • Automatic creation of folder structure related to work.
  • Easy search and quick access to archives of existing jobs.
  • Execution of approval tasks based on job information.
  • Search for the existing element or work to return with the same modified properties or properties Live-connector. It provides access to complex data sources and real-time combination of information from different sources.
  • Unique caching system to control and optimize the load of work in information systems.


MyMediaConnect dashboard

3.- MMC Work Correction

  • True html5 viewer, no plug-ins are required
  • High resolution preview in the web browser
  • Supports native pdf, tiff, and other image formats.
  • Different views with self-alignment and color separation
  • 3D viewer online
  • Online annotation and correction tool
  • Measure tool for color density, distances and angles


4.- MMC Flow Creation

  • Unmatched speed: 64-bit multi-threaded multiprocessing
  • Complete customizable workflows
  • Complete set of professional functions, such as pre-verification and correction of documents, separation, verification of bar codes, etc.
  • Variable data processing

Main features of MyMediaConnect®?


Under a secure collaboration environment in our TIER IV CPD, we guarantee the constant operation of the services, with an activity rate of 99.99% per year, we have totally redundant infrastructures, protecting the data of electric power cuts, minimizing downtime and maximizing the level of physical security.

Our Cloud solution is specifically designed to minimize the implementation curve, reducing technical barriers, saving resources and time to internal IT departments.

UX / UI design

The MyMediaConnect® interface has been designed (UI) by a multidisciplinary technical team composed of IT and Marketing experts specialized in the creation of brand asset management software.

In parallel we have expert designers in (UX) that improves the user experience getting the highest satisfaction and best possible use experience with the minimum effort. MyMediaConnect® has created a front-end (user friendly) with the central objective that all users have clear processes and assigned tasks, improving productivity and efficiency.


One of the competitive advantages of MyMediaconnect®, vs similar systems is our open source programming structure, this allows us to evolve to any of our implemented systems or to implement in a simple, agile and uncomplicated way, giving MyMediaconnect® an unseen force.

In conclusion with MyMediaconnect®, you can perform:

  • Asset management safely
  • Fully configurable workflow models
  • More effective planning and coordination
  • Summary and monitoring of projects
  • Coordination of multi-product projects
  • Productivity and more efficiency
  • Launching deadlines significantly reduced

What makes us different?

Our analytical capacity and taking of previous requirements made during our Audits. All of them are focused and carried out by a multidisciplinary team composed of IT and Marketing experts who combine their vision and expertise in the creation and management of projects, to offer a unique product called MyMediaConnect.

Do you need a system that allows you to centrally manage your Brand assets and not die trying to program everything from scratch?

MyMediaconnect is the solution you are looking for, contact us!

See yourself how MyMediaConnect
can make complex simple.

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