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Every company constantly generates content in different formats, be it videos, images or audio. This type of content is called digital assets, which are important in maintaining brand cohesion. This is where DAM (Digital Asset Management) software comes into play, allowing you to organize and manage your digital assets quickly and efficiently.

What is DAM Software, and what is it for?

As you know, at MyMediaConnect we use two types of software. In this case, DAM software, as its name suggests, is a digital asset management system that acts as a digital library. This means that a platform that has it integrated, such as ours, will serve as storage for the digital assets you have in your company. In this way, all your materials will be securely stored and accessible to everyone on your team.

As we have seen, the acronym DAM comes from the English words Digital Asset Management. The DAM system is the tool you need to organize all the assets you use in the development of your projects, either by location, size or date of creation, among other information that you can add in the platform.

Digital Asset Management

Benefits of DAM Software

The advantages of using a DAM software are many, and these are some cases in which it can be of great help. For example, when you create digital assets in your company, after a while it may happen that they fall into oblivion. That is to say, that a person does not remember if they have already created them, that they cannot find them in the servers, etc. This happens, above all, when these assets cease to be useful in that period. 

However, there are moments in the life of a business when different files, whether they are designs, sound elements, documents in different formats or edited videos, have their function again. This is the moment when we need to find those files, and, if it is quickly so as not to waste time, so much the better.

This is where our DAM software fulfills its function perfectly. Thanks to this platform, you will be able to rescue those old or recent materials in a few moments and from wherever you are. This will be essential to ensure that everyone uses your brand assets in a consistent and up-to-date way.

Another of the many benefits of using our DAM system is that you will have professional computer encryption security on all your data. This will reduce attempts of theft or attack on your resources.

How can MyMediaConnect DAM Software help you?

If you are looking for a service that includes everything you need to manage your projects by centralizing everything on a single platform, MyMediaConnect is your solution. Your digital files will be unified in a single Digital Asset Management system, which will greatly facilitate your work.  

Our DAM system is integrated within the work process you are developing in your company, and can end up becoming a digital asset. It also allows you to adjust and customize flows in an optimal way, ensuring a correct management of rights and usage access for all multimedia files.

DAM System

Among the functionalities of our platform, it is worth mentioning that it is a complete file manager, which you can divide by categories, and which also allows you to constantly monitor all your files. 

You will be able to create reports, and the integrated metrics system will help you to locate and make decisions about possible bottlenecks in the different flows. All this will result in time and cost savings, which will be of great benefit to your company.

The importance of managing your brand's digital assets with DAM

You should always have at hand all the files that make up your marketing, from the logo to advertising promotions. Even those assets that you thought were forgotten and that may be useful in the future. That is why using a DAM system is of great importance, both to preserve the brand’s past and its evolution in future projects or creative ideas. If you also want to have all your digital assets organized and well stored, MyMediaConnect is your best solution!

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