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BPM (Business Process Management) software is a must if you want to manage your company’s projects and processes in an optimal way. Every business seeks to efficiently develop its projects, but it is not always easy. In the course of each of the processes, inconveniences can arise – such as errors, delays or misunderstandings – which, to a greater or lesser extent, will affect what was previously planned. To avoid these situations, the BPM system is a great solution.

What is BPM Software, and what is it for?

A BPM (Business Process Management) program is a tool that allows the optimization of the work processes of a company. This is possible because it allows to digitize processes and unify all the necessary elements in a single platform. It is a software with which you can define, organize and track all the tasks that are carried out within a project. 

The application of this work methodology will result in a reduction of efforts and time spent on specific tasks, as well as an improvement in workflows. In short, BPM software is all you need to control and manage all your business projects and processes.

Business Process Management

Benefits of BPM program

A company that takes advantage of all the benefits of BPM software will be more likely to successfully manage its projects. It is the ideal solution to centralize your projects, digital assets and people in your team in one place, something that will only bring you benefits. Here are some of them :

Generate automatic workflows that are repeated continuously in various projects.

Reduce possible errors that may have been made during the processes thanks to the possibility of analyzing and having visibility of the workflows from the beginning.

Establish rules in the production process and ensure that they are followed.

To be able to track the status of workflows through different representative levels, as well as their possible escalation to a higher level and their traceability throughout their cycle.

How can MyMediaConnect BPM Software help you?

With MyMediaConnect you will have at your disposal two types of software. In addition to the BPM system, we work with the DAM software (Digital Asset Management DAM), which acts as a digital library and allows you to manage all the digital assets of your brand. Both are complementary and will be of great help to you.

With the BPM program you will be able to organize all tasks, add relevant information about them and select which people have to carry them out. In this way, each department will know where it is in the project and when it is time to perform its function. In addition, the administrator will be able to manage access to each document and/or activity, so that only the corresponding people or groups can see them. 

Having the ability to monitor everything from a single platform will greatly facilitate the approval processes and will also allow you to detect where errors occur that can delay the processes. This will be essential so that you can put all your efforts into improving this activity.

BPM Program

Our platform is very easy to use. You only have to upload the materials and add the necessary information so that everything is organized. This way, both your team and your collaborators will know what they have to do at all times. One of the great benefits of MyMediaConnect is that by digitizing all processes with a BPM system, you can manage everything from anywhere in the world.

The importance of managing your brand's digital assets with BPM

Our BPM platform will help you to have everything under control and, therefore, to save time, or in other words, to accelerate time to market. With this business process management tool, your team will know who is responsible for each task, on what date it has to be done, what documents to use, when it is due, when a phase is finished, and it is time to move on to the next one, etc. In other words, essential indications for the processes to advance correctly, without errors or delays that cause you to lose time.

So, if you also want to get the most out of your workflows, manage all your digital assets from a single platform and improve the visibility of your projects, our project management platform is what you need. An easy-to-use, accessible platform with a large storage capacity that will help you achieve success in the management of all your projects.

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