Project Management Software MyMediaConnect

Plataforma de Gestión de Proyectos y Procesos

MyMediaConnect’s platform has two types of software that will help you manage your company’s projects, as well as store your brand assets in a safe and accessible place for your team and collaborators. We are talking about BPM and DAM software.

Software BPM

Our brand management platform allows you to organize and manage both your projects and your digital assets or the people involved in each one of the processes you are developing in your company. Having everything you need organized in a centralized digital ecosystem will help you reduce errors, optimize workflows and, consequently, be much more efficient.

MyMediaConnect is a BPM software, (Business Process Management) which allows you to digitize any process. So that everyone has access to materials at any time and from anywhere in the world. This will also facilitate the work of the person or persons responsible for controlling and supervising the project, as well as the different departments involved, such as Regulatory, Supply, Artwork Technical or Marketing.

Software BPM de la plataforma MyMediaConnect

Software DAM

On the other hand, our platform is also a DAM software (Digital Asset Management DAM). This digital asset management system is integrated into the process of creating a project, and you can work with it in parallel, uploading materials that may end up becoming a brand asset. By uploading all your brand assets to a single platform, you avoid wasting time searching for them.

MyMediaConnect allows you to organize your digital assets by categories and subcategories, name them, assign a date, tag them, manage copyrights… In other words, create your own digital brand library so that your team can find the materials they need in a few moments, whether they are documents, images, videos or audios. An ideal option to develop your brand manual and to ensure that the assets used are always up-to-date and aligned.

Software DAM de la plataforma MyMediaConnect