How has digitalization changed brands in times of crisis?

How has digitalization changed brands in times of crisis?

How are brands approaching the digital transformation? How should they react to these moments of crisis?

Gabriel García Márquez wrote “Love in the Time of Cholera” … If we translate this to the last year, it could be said “Love in the Time of Pandemic”. In the last year, we have lived unprecedented times of confinement and teleworking where we had to ask ourselves how we were going to digitalised our business.

We are facing a real mutation where we are adapting to new business models and disruptive markets. An era where brands will be more demanding and reconsider their production processes taking into account the context of digitalization.

Digitalization will be the protagonist.

We hadn’t much time to anticipate this or organise ourselves. However, many companies have succeeded in continuing to work from home. This is when we appreciate “paperless” working as it means that we can take our computer, Wacom, printer…  and be just as efficient as if we were at the office. Sharing information via a server and using digital communication tools to coordinate ourselves, which used to be more common in start-ups.

Digital platforms aimed to work from home have come to stay. New technologies have changed the labour market. Increasingly, more and more companies are choosing a smarter, more flexible and more productive way of working.

The digital transformation is crucial.  Investing in digitalization pays off in the short term and we shouldn’t see it as an expense to avoid or postpone. It is necessary to see it as an essential investment for you to adapt to the current market, to improve your productivity and the professionalism of your processes.

This digitalization must also reach our employees. We must train them to work in a more optimal way and with a better use of the tools available.

How to choose the right tool for digitalization?

The first step in this digital transformation is to choose an intuitive and easy-to-use software. There are a multitude of tools that help with the management of different departments exist, and at Little Buddha we have spent years developing technology that helps with brand management: branding, packaging, social media, and corporate videos…

From our experience in marketing departments, we have observed many problems along the production chain. In many companies, you have to chase different people to get the correct version of legal texts, the final go-ahead (Yes, it’s changed!), the final art of the packaging master in editable format to design a new project, the final videos in HD, the social media material… Who has them? Where are they?

To solve all these problems, we have developed MyMediaConnect. A platform that allows companies to manage a multitude of brand projects. The aim is to better manage workflows with fixed deadlines, designated person responsibilities and brand assets as final project output.

What type of projects?

Mainly those that require workflow from different departments, such as marketing, purchasing, design, quality control, trade marketing, R&D&I… launching new products, packaging redesign, communications and template management, corporate applications in different media, video, point of sale materials, among other applications.

It’s very important to mention that MyMediaConnect works via a “cloud”, allowing all internal departments and external collaborators to work locally or remotely. This advantage allows to work on projects in a coordinated way and with specific privileges for users on major tasks, such as:

  • Project creation: the project leader can start a project, within the multiple standardised workflows, and select the users linked to this project from the comfort of their home or office. The priority is to complete tasks for a fixed deadline. The system allows each company to adapt their own approval procedure, choosing who should know, who should approve, … and visualising all of this on a simple dashboard that shows all current on-going projects.
  • Approval cycle: getting the approval of a design, legal texts, or any digital brand asset by different people (legal, industrial, R&D, marketing director…) co-ordinated by the project leader.
  • Helps to correct designs: the tool automatically compares the modifications to a design with others (what is known in the industry as soft proofing), highlighting text or design changes to validate them (if, for example, a percentage of the design has been changed) or correct them (if a pictogram or other design element has been inadvertently removed).
  • Up to date information bank: the system ensures that information is always up to date, without relying on an individual’s memory or a file stored on someone’s hard drive. It allows everyone to access the latest information at an international level (no misleading legal texts or out of date designs are delivered), all authorised personnel have an ordered, visible history. It prevents catastrophes like those we told you about in the “Cannelloni Lasagne” article.
  • Connectivity:MyMediaConnect is not intended to eliminate any tools or processes that already exist within the company, but to complement them by allowing you to be connected using them, from the simple to the most complex such as SAP, via integrations that facilitate teamwork and oversee projects in a centralised way.

Best ally for brands and teams

In short, MyMediaConnect is the best ally for brands and teams to manage their timing and results more efficiently and orderly, maintaining and increasing their productivity even in the current times of teleworking.

Some people believe that this pandemic has brought digitalization to stay and changed us and our work philosophy. The reality is that we don’t manage our personal and professional relationships in the same way and our priorities will never be as before.

Clearly, current circumstances have forced us to accelerate the digitalisation of our processes. So if this tool is what you are looking for, contact us!

If you want to learn more about MyMediaConnect, take a moment to watch this video.

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