BPM Software for Supermarket Departments


How does a supermarket work?

According to a definition of the INSEE, a supermarket is defined as a self-service retail establishment, which realizes more than two thirds of its turnover thanks to the sale of food products, and whose surface is included between 400 and 2500 m². These are therefore large surfaces that require good organization to manage.

Behind all these stalls put at your disposal so that you find your happiness, there is a real logistics more complex than it seems. These logistics are essential to guarantee a good customer experience and to avoid food waste.

First, it is important to have a good shelving to allow a fluid circulation of the customers. For this, it is necessary to divide the store into several zones, clearly indicated for the customers and to facilitate the shelving by the employees. In addition, it is important to make the shelves accessible to people with disabilities, by adapting the circulation, access, use, equipment and services, markers and communication to any person.

Lighting is also very important. In the event of a power outage, the establishment must provide emergency lighting capable of providing enough light to allow evacuation of those present.

Of course, one of the major issues for a supermarket is its inventory management. The establishment must ensure that it has enough stock to avoid a shortage, but must also ensure that it does not have too much stock to limit food waste. The logistics behind inventory management are much more complex than they appear.

A supermarket must also define an excellent purchasing policy, analyze its clientele to be able to target them with its products, and develop an attractive sales policy. These three elements can be done correctly by a supermarket if it first analyzes the data concerning its competitors and its customers.

How can MyMediaConnecthelp you manage your supermarket?

The trade and distribution sector is a sector where rigor is required. A supermarket cannot function without a real organization upstream, which we are often unaware of if we do not work in this sector. Flow management, stock management, marketing strategies to adopt, all these elements require real logistics. This is where the MyMediaConnect BPM platform comes in to simplify your life and make you more efficient.

  • Workflow management: distribution of tasks to be carried out within your team, and monitoring of the progress of these tasks. Allows you to guarantee the proper organization of the supermarket
  • Acceleration of your approval cycles: allows you to speed up order taking
  • Track ingredients and product packaging to ensure food safety
  • Project management and new product launches
  • Tracking of company data to prove proper operation and obtain accreditations
Beneficio de la Gestión de Proyectos y Procesos

With the MyMediaConnect BPM platform, all your information will be digitized and centralized, making it quickly accessible to any authorized user from any workstation. Inventory management, team communication, and customer relationship management are all greatly simplified with this platform. As an administrator, you can manage everyone’s access to your supermarket’s documents. As long as they have the authorization, any person of your team can access any customer complaint file follow-up, or any other project of the company. The files will also be automatically forwarded to other people involved in the process.

MyMediaConnect BPM software is exactly what you need to help you manage your business. It will help you adjust your orders, improve the customer experience, and boost your sales.

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