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Functions of the Product Development Department

The main function of a company’s product development department is to come up with new products to be launched to the market. This process consists of several stages from research to having the product ready for consumption by the general public. The professionals involved in this function are product development technicians and engineers, although other departments are also involved in the process.

Let’s see in detail what are the main stages you go through to really understand what product development is:

  1. Generate an idea. In this ideation stage, ideas are brainstormed about new products that can meet customer needs.
  2. Research. It consists of conducting an analysis of the market, products and competitors to see how the new product that has been thought up can fit in.
  3. Define the product. Once the research is done, the product is redefined taking into account the information that has been gathered.
  4. Think about strategies. At this stage it is time to think about the launch, distribution, marketing or ecommerce strategies that you are going to carry out. It is also time to see what metrics you are going to take into account to measure the success of the product. In product development, marketing is a very important part, as it is the way to promote your product. You can have a good product, but if you don’t sell it properly, you may not get what you expect.
  5. Develop the prototype of the product. Before physically producing the product, it is essential to plan the tasks and time required, take into account the risks that may arise and see if the product has the right characteristics. This is what is known as Minimum Viable Product (MVP).
  6. Product design. Now it is time to turn the idea into a physical product. This phase includes the main idea, obtaining the materials, contacting the corresponding professionals and having an assessment of the initial design.
  7. Testing the product with a small number of people to obtain approval and validation. In the development of a new product it is important to check that everything works in order to launch it later on the market.
  8. Product consumption. It is time to launch it to the general public for consumption.
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How can MyMediaConnect help you in your Product Development Department?

A BPM software for product development is a fundamental piece in this department. From the initial idea until it is launched to the market, it goes through different stages in which several tasks are carried out and a large number of people are involved. That is why organization is fundamental. And this is where the MyMediaConnect platform can help you, mainly:

  • Divide the tasks and assign them to the corresponding person or department.
  • Determine the time frame for each task.
  • Facilitate collaboration among all team members and improve workflows.
  • Track the status of tasks and approve documents when it’s your turn.
  • Centralize everything on a single platform, without having to check hundreds of emails in your inbox or search different servers for your materials.
  • Detect where errors occur that delay processes in order to improve those actions.
  • Reduce the time to market of the product launch to the market.

In product development in Marketing or in any other discipline, it is essential that the project manager has under control all the processes that are being carried out until the final objective is reached. Also that he/she has good communication with the rest of the team so that there are no misunderstandings.

MyMediaConnect BPM software for product development is all you need to maintain an organization that facilitates the entire process from the moment you have an idea until you launch it to the market. That’s the only way to succeed.

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