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The importance of Marketing for your brand and company

Nowadays, for most companies, it is essential to have a Marketing Department. In addition to traditional media such as television, radio and the press, in a society where everything revolves around the Internet, being present in the digital environment is key for your business to grow.

Thus, this department is in charge of carrying out a set of strategies with which to promote the product or service of the corresponding company and, consequently, to obtain more sales. The Marketing Department of a company may be made up of different people, who focus on a specific part of the overall strategy.

All marketing actions take into account the figure of the consumer, since they are aimed at making them choose your brand over your competitors’. Therefore, it is time to show the advantages of your product or service and make them reach the public attractively at the right time and from the right channel.

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Functions of the Marketing Department

Let’s take a look at some main functions of the Marketing Department. First, it is in charge of market research and study. The aspects to be taken into account are external, such as the competition or the context (social, economic, technological…), and internal, where it analyzes how the company works, its strengths and weaknesses. This step is key to be able to develop a successful marketing strategy.

Once you know who your potential customers are, the next stage is the planning of the strategy, where the objectives and the actions to be carried out to achieve them are detailed. In this part, each task is also assigned to the corresponding person. Different professionals can work within the Digital Marketing Department:

  • Marketing Director.
    Specialists in Search
  • Engine Optimization (SEO).
  • Google Ads Experts.
  • Content managers and writers.
  • Social Media Manager.
  • Community Manager.
  • Web analysts.
  • Commercial.
Logiciel comprenant fonctionnalité de flux de travail

The third step is the strategy implementation. Each person must fulfill his or her role according to what has been established: manage social networks, create content, conduct research and analysis, implement promotional actions, etc. For this, specialized Digital Marketing platforms and tools are used.

Last but not least, it is responsible for tracking all actions and analyzing the metrics and data obtained. This is a fundamental step to know if the objectives are being achieved and, if not, to implement the appropriate improvement actions.

How can MyMediaConnect help you in your Marketing Department?

As we can see, the role of the Marketing Department in a company is essential for your product or service to reach the public you want through the different channels available. The online environment also has the advantage that there are platforms like MyMediaConnect, which will help you to have all the tasks and documents organized and accessible to the members of this and any of the departments of your company. Therefore, it would be great to use the platform of MyMediaConnect as a marketing software.

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If you are looking for a Marketing software, our platform is the ideal solution for you. With BPM software you can digitize processes and efficiently manage your projects, as well as the people or assets of your brand, from one place. In addition, DAM software allows you to save and make accessible all relevant files for your company.

MyMediaConnect is one of the most complete digital marketing platforms, and these are some points in which it will help you with our Marketing software:

  • Digitize processes.
  • Accelerate workflows, avoiding wasted time and repetitive tasks.
  • See which person has to perform a given task.
  • Know the status of that task.
  • Know when it is your department’s turn.
  • Modify the part of the document that is your turn.
  • Manage your company’s digital assets.
  • Reduce time to market.

If your company also has a Marketing Department, do not hesitate to implement this intuitive and easy-to-use marketing software. It will help you optimize all your processes and, consequently, achieve your goals successfully. If anyone needs marketing software, it is this department that is so important nowadays!

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