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The Role Of Laboratories

You are probably familiar with the word laboratory, but do you really know what role they play? Do you know the different types of laboratories and how they function?

The role of a laboratory varies according to its type. There is no real universal definition of the word. But all types of laboratories share one thing in common: they are all very important to the advances of our time in general, and require good organization to ensure their proper functioning.

Medical Laboratory

The notion of a medical laboratory is the most known and used. Indeed, it refers to the place where one must go for any analysis of samples, or when one must perform a test to detect a pathology. A medical laboratory is capable of analyzing a blood sample, a urine sample, a suspicious mole, etc. It can deepen a diagnosis made by a doctor thanks to technical tools that allow a more in-depth study of a possible pathology.

The results given by a medical biology laboratory can thus guide, confirm or invalidate a medical diagnosis. They allow the selection of the most effective treatment against a pathology by giving very precise results on the disease. Contrary to what one might think, the medical analysis laboratory is not reserved exclusively for humans. There are also what are called medical anatomopathology laboratories that are also for animals.

Research Laboratory

This type of laboratory, as its name indicates, is dedicated to research. These are laboratories that can be qualified as “shadow” laboratories, because they are not a place where you will have to go, unless you work there. However, their role is crucial in the advances of our time. These research laboratories are often attached to a university, museum, or scientific organization. They are essentially composed of researchers whose objective is to make discoveries thanks to the tools that are made available to them. In attention, the research carried out in a research laboratory is not limited to scientific research, but can also be research in the linguistic, historical or literary field.

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Pharmaceutical Laboratory

Finalement, le laboratoire pharmaceutique a pour objectif de mettre au point de nouveaux traitements médicamenteux, ainsi que de nouveaux produits de beauté assimilés à des nécessités de santé (crème solaire, anti-moustique…). Aucune analyse n’a lieu dans ce type de laboratoire, seulement des expériences pour proposer les produits les plus efficaces pour prendre soin de sa santé.

How can MyMediaConnect help you manage your laboratory?

Laboratories are workplaces with complex activities and very high added value. Moreover, rigor and organization are required, because each small mistake can have considerable consequences on the laboratory results. This is where the MyMediaConnect BPM platform comes into play to help you ensure the proper management of your laboratory!

  • Simplification of processes thanks to the automation of low value-added tasks
  • Transparent management: useful for proving the efficiency of the laboratory in the context of a certification or accreditation process with organizations
  • In-depth monitoring of the laboratory’s activities: facilitates the monitoring of certification procedures, for example
  • A complete storage of data: favors the sharing and valorization of knowledge
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The advantages of the MyMediaConnect BPM platform in the management of your laboratory are therefore considerable in terms of optimizing its efficiency and performance. Simple tasks are automated, knowledge is stored to avoid data loss in case of researcher’s departure, a job guide is built to facilitate new arrivals.

With the MyMediaConnect BPM platform, you will benefit from a considerable simplification of your laboratory management, and will relieve your employees in terms of workload.

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