BPM Software for Creative Departments


Functions and professionals of the Creative Department

The creative department of a company is formed by a group of people whose main mission is to find ideas with which to convey a message that makes the client get what they want to get from the public. In a simpler way, we can say that one of the functions of the creative department is to create all the elements that are part of the advertising campaign of a product or service.

Advertisements, images, videos, textual content, web design… All these materials are born from a previous idea, which is then captured in a medium, whether physical or digital. The creative department is in charge of this, where, of course, creativity plays a very important role.

Within the creative department of a company we can find several profiles of professionals, who develop their creativity in different ways and in different formats. Let’s focus, for example, on the creative department of an advertising agency to learn about the main jobs:

Creative Director

The creative director is in charge of managing advertising campaigns, as well as supervising them. He is the person who is in contact with the client and who marks the way in which all the actions must go to the rest of the team. In addition to controlling the process, he/she is in charge of approving the campaign before launching it.

Art Director

In direct contact with the creative director, and following his guidelines, the art director is the person responsible for turning these ideas into visual concepts: ads, videos, social media posts, web design, content, emails… This work is done in conjunction with the professionals working in the corresponding field.

Graphic Designer

He plays a fundamental role in the advertising campaign. His job is to bring to reality all those previously agreed concepts. A graphic designer has creativity, skill and a good execution technique.

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Content is also important when it comes to persuading the public. Its main function is to write texts, phrases or copy that impact the audience. This content can be in advertisements, social networks, emails, websites, brochures, etc.

Web developer

Although its function is perhaps not so closely linked to creativity, but rather to something more technical, the web developer is essential for ideas to be implemented on the web. We are talking about web pages, banners, advertising landing pages, etc.

Finalist Art

The final artwork is the professional in charge of verifying that the designs are correct. He/she reviews and corrects any errors that may exist, and adapts the designs to the formats that are needed.

Digital retoucher

His function is to check that all designs and images are of good quality. He is the professional who knows all the editing and digital retouching tools, essential to present a quality work to the client.

How can MyMediaConnect help you in your Creative Department?

As we can see, software for creative departments is essential for everything to run smoothly before launching the advertising campaign. In a department that works with a large number of ideas and documents, and in which many people are involved, it is important that everything is organized. And the MyMediaConnect platform is the perfect solution for this.

First of all, the BPM platform for creative departments will help the creative director to manage, control and supervise each of the actions to be carried out. Among other functions, he or she will be able to:

  • Control the entire project from start to finish.
  • Assign tasks and see who is responsible for each one.
  • View the status of the tasks, as well as the dates set to complete them.
  • Manage document access for members of the creative department.
  • See where mistakes are being made that delay processes.
  • Monitor and approve documents.
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And not only that, MyMediaConnect is also the ideal option for the whole team to have access to the necessary materials, quickly, at any time and from wherever they are. The DAM platform for creative departments allows you to have all your brand’s digital assets accessible and updated, so that the members of the department can use them correctly. These are some of the benefits you will get:

  • Centralize all your digital assets on a single platform
  • Upload files, name them and add relevant information
  • Organize them by category or with tags
  • Find up-to-date digital assets in just a few seconds

A software for creative departments is all you need to streamline your workflows and develop successful advertising campaigns.

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