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Departments of a company where you can use MyMediaConnect?

Branding Department

This department is in charge of managing the brand strategy and everything related to it. It is in contact with the other departments and some of the tasks it is responsible for are communication or design. Its work is essential in the whole communicative process that is built to measure and the consumer associates with the brand.

Marketing Department

Its function is to research the market and competitors’ products or services. Then, it is in charge of planning and developing marketing strategies to achieve the company’s objectives.

Creative Department

In the creative department work professionals who are dedicated to creating powerful advertising campaigns through creativity. Some of the people involved are: creative directors, art directors, copywriters, graphic designers, web developers, art finalists, digital animators or digital retouchers.

Product Development Department

It is the department in charge of analyzing and collecting user needs and then developing the product or service taking them into account. Among other tasks, it will be in charge of detailing the characteristics of the product or service, planning the timing of the launch and the evolution of these products or services in the market.

How can MyMediaConnect help you?

During the course of a project in a company, the departments involved in the processes are many and varied. And each one has a fundamental role in ensuring that the development goes according to plan and that a successful final result is obtained. With this in mind, it is important that each department knows what task it has to do and, above all, when it has to carry it out.

And this is where MyMediaConnect can help. Our project and process management platform is the solution you need so that all the people in particular, and departments in general, know at what stage the project to be developed is at. Having everything centralized in a single platform will bring you numerous benefits. Let’s take a look at some of them.

  • As the person in charge, you will be able to add all the information you consider necessary to our platform: what tasks have to be done, who has to do them, on what date, etc. You can also manage access and let only the people or groups that have to work on those tasks see them.
    In this way, departments such as design, production, supply, regulatory or Artwork Technical will know when it is time to take action. They will know in which phase they are and if the previous department has done its work and then perform its task and pass it onto the next responsible.
  • This control of tasks is a great advantage to be able to know where time losses or errors occur that delay the activity of each department. Knowing this is the first step to solve it.
  • Once it is the turn of a particular department, it can approve or reject a pdf document in a parallel or sequential approval cycle, as well as reject the receipt of a download because the document is not right. All this before finally completing the task at hand, which can be an upload, a download, an approval cycle, etc.
  • MyMediaConnect BPM software also allows for multi-departmental parallel approval cycles. This means that each one can verify a part of the document, the part that corresponds to it.
  • The DAM software, on the other hand, will allow you to save all your digital assets for use by the appropriate department.

Centralizing projects, people and digital assets in a single place that can be accessed from anywhere is just one of the benefits of using our platform, but the most important one! Because you will save time, costs and have better control of all your workflows. The result? You will improve your time to market and your company will be much more efficient and productive.

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