Customer-Centric brand management

We have talked for years about the importance of putting the customer at the centre the brand management (customer-centricity) and creating strategies segmented by customers that are thoughtful and from “the customers’ point of view”. The goal is clear: build strong relationships with customers, keeping them throughout their life cycle, not just attracting them when we are primarily focused on the market.

A customer-centric strategy is an approach that does not just depend on the marketing department but is an approach that has to be undertaken by most of a company’s departments, from sales, quality control, R&D, supply chain, human resources, among others. To this effect, technology offers us the possibility of this interdepartmental approach of putting the customer at the centre of everything to be easy, fast, and more efficient.

The digital challenge

However, we currently see that most companies do not have digital platforms for managing their brand assets and organising them according to their customers’ needs. Or if they do have a platform, it doesn’t offer the potential needed, it is insufficient or doesn’t integrate with other platforms to create a two-way system that is gradually fed with information relevant for brand management.

The main challenge that a digital platform can solve is that if the assets are well managed, they can be properly focused on the customer. Thus, our strategies will be more effective in the short and long term.

Dynamic Brand Asset Management

The market currently offers two types of platforms:

  • Compiling platforms of digital brand asset management which fulfil the goal of organising and classifying these assets and sharing them internally and externally. The correct management of metadata associated with these brand assets is key to facilitating customer-centricity on any platform. These assets need to be manually uploaded, making them passive brand asset managers.
  • Project workflow platforms which, for example, fulfil partial goals of creativity approval cycles, but do not consider the overall nature of a project. They are dynamic workflows, but they don’t manage brand assets.

In our opinion, the perfect platform is one which can combine both types of platform and become a dynamic brand asset management platform.

For this purpose, it is essential that the entire workflow is contained within the same platform and workflows that go through other circuits that cannot be integrated into the platform (calls, emails, etc.) are minimised or eradicated.

Cross-platform communication

As users, we’re getting used to technology devices and apps communicating with each other for the same goal, for example, broadcasting “The Office” on our television (a classic that we really recommend watching) may involve your smartphone, which has the Amazon Prime app that connects to Apple TV, which is connected to the TV via a HDMI cable.

This is such a common feature at home that we should be demanding it at a professional level in terms of brand asset management. Having a hub that allows you to connect and communicate with other platforms and software, such as SAP, Oracle, Slack, G-Suite, etc., rather than multiple separate software and platforms makes brand asset management easier and perfectly coordinated.

MyMediaConnect: Our digital platform

Luckily, and thanks to several years of experience working on multiple digital platforms with a background in business and the graphic chain domain, we can say that our platform, MyMediaConnect, responds to new business challenges by providing a powerful, versatile and modular platform that fits the current needs of each of our customers.

MyMediaConnect mainly differs from other existing platforms because:

  • It is a dynamic brand project manager that gradually feeds brand assets on the platform as they are created/sorted.
  • It allows you to create unlimited user profiles, with a one-time payment rather than individual licenses, in order to simplify management of the platform and user traceability.
  • It can communicate with other platforms, thanks to the existing integrations. You can also implement new integrations as it is open source.
  • It allows you to adapt to the necessary project management needs: the platform fits the way you work as a business, not the other way round.

For all of these reasons and many more, we invite you to get in contact with us to get to know more about the platform and its full potential in brand management for quicker, more intuitive, and more efficient management. Ready to chat?

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