Types Of Branding To Manage Your Brand

Finding the right type of brand to manage your brand

What is the purpose of trademarks?

A brand offers the customer a guarantee concerning the origin and quality of a product. It gives value to this product, and allows the company to be known. This is why having a good brand image is very important in marketing, and brings many advantages to the manufacturer:

  • Builds customer loyalty and encourages purchase
  • Targets a specific community that is receptive to the brand image
  • Segment the market and create economies of scale
  • Generates, ultimately, greater profits

Thus, the brand is a contract based on trust, by which a supplier commits to offer the customer a product of a certain quality.

The different types of trademarks to manage your brand

The product brand

The product branding strategy concerns one and only one product. This product is marketed under a specific brand name, and is accompanied by a personalized communication.

The advantage of this strategy is that it is easy to separate from this brand in case of bad press for the product, without it impacting the rest of the supplier’s products. In addition, it allows for well differentiated positioning with specialized products.

The range brand

The range brand strategy designates a brand applied to a certain number of products in the same category. These products come from the same company and meet the same needs.

To define the range, we evaluate its length and width:

Length of the range: number of products included in the whole range
Width of the range: number of different types of products

The umbrella brand

An umbrella brand strategy is a brand that covers a multitude of products and services of a single company. Such a brand houses all the products of the same group in order to convey the same image.

This is a strategy that is worth adopting when you have a brand that has a certain reputation, and you want to launch a new product. This way, your new product will benefit from the reputation of your brand and will be successful more quickly.

In addition, an be used in two ways:

  • The umbrella brand, which applies to products in the same market, but not intended for the same category of consumers
  • The umbrella brand that applies to products from unrelated markets

However, there is also a negative aspect. By spreading itself too thinly and offering products that have nothing to do with each other, the company risks altering its brand image because of a lack of coherence.

The dual brand or endorsement brand

This dual brand strategy, also known as the guarantor brand, makes it possible to define a parent brand that already has a certain reputation, and daughter brands that will benefit from this reputation.

Be careful not to confuse the umbrella brand with the parent brand. The former only covers products belonging to the same market and the same category of consumers.

Global branding

This global branding strategy is used for products that are available worldwide. Of course, not all countries produce the same versions. But the identity, the policy, and the principle of the products remain the same from one country to another.

What forms can brands take?

A brand can take various forms, which allows for the diversification of brand visuals. Here is a non-exhaustive list of the most common forms that trademarks can take:

  • Word mark: consists exclusively of words or letters
  • Figurative mark: uses characters, style, non-standard layout, color, etc.
  • The color mark: exclusive representation of a color without outline or a combination of colors
  • Sound mark: combination of sounds
  • The shape mark: product packaging such as a perfume bottle

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