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What is the time to market?

Time to market (TTM) is the time that passes from the moment a product or service is conceived until it is launched to the market for consumption. From the beginning, when the idea is conceived and designed, until it is ready to be marketed, there are different stages and people working in each one of them. This must be taken into account, since the success of the final result will depend on what is done in each of these steps that lead you to the goal.

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The importance of optimizing the time to market of your projects

A product or service goes through different phases and departments (design, manufacturing, regulatory, distribution, etc.) before being launched. Thus, considering the meaning of time to market, we can highlight the importance of optimizing these processes to avoid wasting time. An error or delay at a given time can delay the launch date initially planned, which can be detrimental to your business. The competition, the state of the market or the context may change and not be favorable.

Controlling and defining each of the processes in time will be a fundamental aspect if you want everything to move forward correctly. Each task has a time, each set of tasks has a flow, and each project has a workflow assigned to it. Therefore, it is important that each person knows all the necessary information to carry out his task and that he has access to the documents and files he has to work with.

How can MyMediaConnect help you improve time to market in your business?

As we have seen, each element has different internal processes and is reviewed by different departments. And then different flows are assigned to it, which, in turn, form a project. A simple way to manage and control this is through MyMediaConnect. The ideal tool to bring stakeholders together, centralize digital assets and optimize review processes and online approval

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Eliminate bottlenecks

One of the great benefits of the MyMediaConnect platform is that it allows you to eliminate bottlenecks. This term refers to processes that run inefficiently or with low productivity and, as a result, generate delays. These errors or delays not only affect the specific process in which they are occurring, but globally affect all subsequent stages and, therefore, the entire project. Therefore, with MyMediaConnect’s time to market software, this will be solved.


How does MyMediaConnect help you eliminate bottlenecks? Our platform allows you to bring your team and collaborators together in a single space to validate and approve tasks quickly and easily. Having all the necessary information on the same platform is the solution to find what you need in a few moments.

Monitor and approve quickly and easily

An important aspect to know that everything is going the right way is to monitor the progress of actions. And you can do this with MyMediaConnect. If you are responsible for reviewing them, you have to know that you will have access to know what their status is, who is the person in charge of performing each task, and you will be able to make notes and reports. 

In short, if you want to eliminate waiting, delays and errors that usually occur in the processes, for example as a result of forgotten dates, difficult accessibility to documents or problems sending and receiving certain files, in MyMediaConnect we have what you need: the best platform to accelerate the time to market of your projects.

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