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What are a company's digital assets?

When we talk about what digital assets are, we are referring to any graphic element that you work with in your company. That is, all those resources, in different formats, that are digitized and have a value for your brand. Some examples of digital assets are images, videos or even audios that you are going to use in your projects. In the case of MyMediaConnect, you can upload all these audiovisual elements to our digital asset management platform so that they are accessible to all your team and collaborators. 

Digital Asset Management

The importance of managing your brand's digital assets

Having all the elements of your brand centralized and organized allows the cohesion of your brand. Something essential if you want your projects to develop successfully and have a good final result. With our digital asset management system, you can work both with your team and with different collaborators with the peace of mind that they are applying all the elements correctly. In addition, you will be able to take advantage of this great advantage to develop your brand manual.


Organizing and managing your digital assets, as well as people or projects in general, is a very important step for any company. If you centralize and manage your digital assets from a single place, you will save a lot of time in the search for these elements, which will result in greater efficiency in moving your projects forward. 

DAM System

By improving the location of each digital asset and adding the necessary information about it, it will no longer be necessary to spend minutes searching in the various platforms or servers. You will have it at your fingertips in a simple way by accessing our platform.

You will also avoid problems related to the weight of images or videos. Likewise, you will no longer have to worry about sending them by email, all you have to do is upload them to the right place for the right person to see them.

How can MyMediaConnect help you manage your digital assets?

Our digital asset management software allows you to organize and manage all your brand assets easily, quickly and securely in one place. Creating materials, sharing them with the right people and keeping track of the tasks to be performed is one of the great benefits you can get in your company with BPM and DAM software.

MyMediaConnect allows you to upload videos and photos, among other formats, and has features such as the ability to set an expiration date for resources with time-limited usage rights. Thus, when the deadline arrives, the digital asset management platform itself warns you that you must update the rights to be able to continue using these elements.


Remember that, if you are responsible, one of the benefits of the platform is that you can choose which people or groups you want to have access to each of the items you upload.

It also allows you to sort digital assets by category so that when a person or department needs to work with a particular file, they know where to find it easily. As you can see, having a digital asset manager is essential for your files to be stored securely, organized and accessible 24 hours a day to everyone who needs to work with them, wherever they are in the world.

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