The benefits of DAM software in Marketing

Software DAM in Marketing

Many companies are already using DAM software in marketing. The advantages of managing all their digital assets from a single platform are numerous. But before we dwell on the main benefits, let’s take a look at the business context.

It should be remembered that digital transformation has meant a major change for most companies, which have had to adapt to a world in which practically everything is done through the Internet. This has led to the digitization of all processes, as well as the materials with which they work, including, of course, those used for the company’s marketing.

Now, the challenge is to manage all this effectively, therefore, there are solutions such as marketing software that will help you manage all the digital content of your brand in a simple way. One of them is our MyMediaConnect platform, a DAM software that acts as a large digital library.

Let’s see what it is and what are some of the main benefits of using DAM software in Marketing:

Store on one platform

The most important aspect of using marketing software is that it allows you to store all your digital assets on a single platform. You can upload your materials and organize them in the most useful way for your team. Among other functions, you can name them,tag them, or divide them into categories or subcategories.

Easy to search and find

In relation to the above, having your files organized in the same place is essential to know where they are at all times. This way, you will know that all your files are within the platform, which will help you avoid wasting unnecessary time searching in different servers. Another relevant point is that you will be able to easily find the file, since it will be well named and in the corresponding folder. Forget about the famous IMG0001 names and not finding what you are looking for.

Updated materials

This is one of the main reasons why we encourage you to use DAM software in Marketing if you are not already doing so. It’s important that your entire team knows what materials to use, and that they do it in the right way, consistent with the brand. That’s why it’s essential that all digital assets are up to date. With our platform, you only have to upload them, adding the information you want, and all members will know what they are. It is an ideal option for you to create your brand library.

Materiales actualizados

Este es uno de los motivos principales por el que te animamos a utilizar un software DAM en Marketing si no lo estás haciendo todavía. Es importante que todo tu equipo sepa qué materiales tiene que utilizar, y que lo haga de forma correcta, en coherencia con la marca. Por eso, es esencial que todos los activos digitales estén actualizados. Con nuestra plataforma, solo tendrás que subirlos, añadiendo la información que quieras, y todos los miembros sabrán cuáles son. Es una opción ideal para que crees tu biblioteca de marca.

Immediate accessibility

The digital environment has the great advantage that you can work in it from anywhere in the world; all you need is a device with an Internet connection. Therefore, MyMediaConnect gives you the possibility to access the materials anytime, anywhere. The person in charge will be able to manage access and allow the use of these materials to the people who have to work with them.

Save securely

Our DAM Marketing platform is not only accessible and very easy to use, but it is also secure. A key aspect for us. We care about the security of your data and passwords, that’s why it is programmed under a HASH encryption algorithm, which ensures its integrity and privacy.

Organize and protect your digital assets with MyMediaConnect!

Now that you have seen the great benefits of DAM software in Marketing, don’t think twice and start using MyMediaConnect. Now more than ever it is important that all your digital assets are organized and accessible to your entire team.

Not only that, but you also have at your disposal the BPM software, with which you can digitize all your processes, streamline your workflows and, ultimately, manage all your projects more efficiently. Use a Marketing software to manage all your important materials safely and efficiently!

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